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seeking outside consulting services is one of the best ways to improve your business

Increase revenue and operational procedures


as a business owner or business manager, you are the best at handling tasks geared toward your specialty. When you spread yourself too thin, you aren’t able to maximize revenue and operations.

Now is the time

Avanta III Consulting has a proven track record of helping businesses in every aspect of running a business , from creating business plans to sales and operations training.

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About Avanta

What We Do

Avanta works with your proactice to customize a package that meets your needs and determines what specific goals you have in each of the three tiers of business optimization. You can choose any of the tiers of consulting that fits your goals, whether it be just one or two of the tiers , or the whole three tier package..

Contact us today for a FREE consultation (a $250 value) and discover your business potential, the necessary tools to attract the right customers, improving teamwork and operations, and becoming overall more profitable. When you call you will find the professionalism and comfort you are looking for that will help you move your business forward.

We look forward to working with you to make you soar!

Our Mission

AVANTA III Consulting helps your business achieve its highest potential.  We take a three-tiered approach to consulting with your business to ensure you soar to new levels.

The AVANTA process includes:

  •      Lead Generation
  •      Sales Optimization
  •      Business Operations and Compliance

AVANTA means “to soar” and AVANTA III Consultimg makes sure you are maximizing your opportunities to soar and achieve your highest potential.


The AVANTA Process

Business Operations

  • Improving operations and ensuring compliance.
  • Adequate training of all staff including sales and operations associates.
  • Optimization of scheduling and payroll.

Sales Management

  • Working with your sales team to optimize warm leads and turn consultations and sales requests into revenue.
  • Improving the rapport building and sales consultation process education that is necessary for closing sales.
  • Educating on the process of fact-finding and trust to maximize sales.
  • Closing the sale during the initial customer interaction.

Lead Generation

  • Formulating the best strategy to bring in qualified leads and generating interest for your products and services.
  • Working with you associates to ensure the warm leads are turned into consultations to generate revenue.