19 Ways to Grow Your Medical Aesthetic Business.

Owning a Medical Aesthetics Practice is no easy task, despite what you may think, there are many complex regulations to follow and procedures to implement to ensure it is a sustainable enterprise.

It requires effort, dedication, and continuous hard work.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to help build your clientele and increase your turnover.

Top Tips for Business Growth

Firstly, you must have a plan in place, fail to plan and you plan to fail. This plan must be readily available for your team maybe in the form of an employee handbook, so they know what is expected of them.

1. Targets: Set an Expectation

Know how much turnover your business needs to break even and furthermore add profit.

Divide this cost between your team considering their strengths, cost of services and ability to achieve said targets.

Make sure you play to their strengths; there is nothing worse than setting unachievable targets that are rarely reached and rewards that are unearnable.

This will certainly demoralize your team and demotivate performance.

Targets must be broken down into service and retail percentages usually a 70% service and 30% retail target are adequate unless you have a super seller that can achieve a 50-50 sales over service result.

Your team needs to know what is expected of them and human nature requires us to have goals to achieve or we will just move about work undirected.

2. Have an Open Day

If you are a relatively new business, have open days occasionally, and invite local businesses in your area, and their connections to attend.

Provide sample services if you can, some snacks and drinks, and mingle!

This is a great way to make connections, meet people and build professional relationships to sustain your business in the long run.

3. Take Great Care of Your Clients

Provide exceptional customer service. One poor experience can result in a lost customer and a string of bad referrals which can ultimately damage your reputation.

As the saying goes bad news travels fast, so be cognizant of that.

It starts at the front desk and ends with the follow up call. Every second the client is in your business they must feel welcome, appreciated and comfortable.

Choose your front desk team wisely as they will do most of the greeting, and admin related duties surrounding appointments.

4. Do Great Marketing

To get people through your door, they must know about you. Use social media to your advantage by advertising to friends and family and asking them to share your pages and offers. But do keep it very professional.

Hire a lead generation company to market your services online and offline to drive customers in your doors. I recommend White Inc. Marketing Agency. They have generated millions of leads and help sell millions worth of services for business just like yours.

Setup a CRM system to do email marketing campaigns, store customer info, update consultation forms and create unique marketing initiatives. If you don’t know how to do one.

Don’t be afraid to hire an expert to get you set up at the beginning, that service will end up paying for itself as the business starts rolling in.

5. Pre-Confirm Appointments

There are specialized booking systems that can assist you in managing your appointments. This can also assist in tracking how regularly clients visit your business; how many appointments have been canceled and so on.

The importance here is to ensure that your clients keep their appointments and that you don’t lose business on the day.

Using electronic bookings systems can help you at the touch of a button to confirm appointments (usually via text) to remind customers and give them an opportunity to make changes in advance if necessary.

That in turn gives you the opportunity to fill open spaces before that specific business day arrives.

6. Train Your Team to Consult

You cannot recommend additional products and services without a consultation.

A great consultation is the key to longevity within your business and client retention.

Every client must fill in a consultation form to check for contraindications, liability, to be able to refer within the business, prescribe other services and sell products.

Being able to cater to every need of your client is essential to keep them coming back. This will also be a vital part in your retail sale.

7. Offer Add-ons

Having one service is great, but a great therapist or physician will offer add on services to increase the bottom line during that one appointment and to add value to the client’s experience.

8. Be Thorough in Your Follow Up

You Must follow up with your clients, therapists and physicians alike.

Contact clients post appointment to see how they are doing. That value-added service is a great touch and lets the client know they are important to you.

9. Track Progress

Most booking systems will have tracking capabilities in place.

Tracking vital components such as retails sales, services, add-ons, rebooking’s, referrals per client and per therapist will give you great insights on who is doing what within your business, show purchasing trends, and give you an idea on which services sell the most and which are redundant.

This type of tracking will provide insight into where customers heard about your practice, enquiries that were turned into appointments and so on too.

It is also wise to provide individual tracking reports to your team to let them know where they are and how they are progressing.

10. Learn to Sell

There are only 8 revenue generating hours per day on average and only so many services can be completed during that time, thus a retail attachment in terms of product sales is essential to achieving the bottom line.

11. Rebook Your Clients

Secure follow up appointments before the client leaves. This will ensure follow up business and also the best result for your client especially if they are in need of a course of treatments.

(For courses, secure payment up front.)

12. Refer Clients Within the Business

Based upon the consultation results, it is important for your team to share clients within the business by referring them to colleagues that may be able to provide additional services the client may need.

13. Incentivize Your Team

Your employees are the cornerstone of your business, they are the ones doing the leg work and providing the services, allow them to earn more than just a salary by rewarding their hard work.

Find out which rewards your team would value i.e. money, products and product vouchers, or time off, and incentivize them accordingly.

Competition is healthy, setting a monthly or quarterly goal is essential to drive teams to perform.

14. Training and Develop Your Team

Nobody knows everything so keep educating your team, they will appreciate it and your business will surely benefit.

They will respect you for it. Invest in your team and they will invest in you.

15. Reward Loyal Customers

Set up rewards programs where loyal customers can earn credits towards services, complimentary services if you can or win discounts towards their favorite treatments.

16. Set Up Client Referral Programs

The best thing to grow your business is through word of mouth referrals.

Ask your guests to bring in a friend or family member and reward them with a discount or complimentary services such as back massage (depending on the services you offer) that does not cost a lot in terms of time and product use.

17. Partner with Local Business in Your Area

Network with other business owners and managers in your area. Share advertising space in each other’s offices or front desk areas and offer them incentives for referrals.

If they send you business, make sure to do the same for them. This way you support your community as well and help out small businesses too.

18. QA Regularly

Managers must do regular Quality Assurance calls especially to new customers to gauge their experience and ask for feedback. This way mistakes can be avoided and corrected.

19. Listen to Your People

Regular and open communication meetings with your team is vital to the sustainability of your business.

Remember your staff is in the thick of it, they deal with their clients head on, and they will be your best judges of what is needed to improve your business, improve customer experience, and make their job easier. Remember if your team does well, your business gains.

The Bottom Line

Consistency is key, you can’t follow these steps only once and expect to be successful, you must be relentless in your pursuit and make these practices a daily habit. Do that, and you will succeed in growing your business, keep clients happy and increasing your bottom line.