Chuck Donaldson has over 11 years of experience in the professional services industry.  He has a background in personnel development through coaching as well as sales and operations management.  Chuck started his career in the financial industry and quickly proved his success in the field climbing into management within his first year.  Chuck contributes his success to his extensive knowledge and expertise in sales and operations leadership.

Chuck left the financial industry and moved into the medical aesthetics field in an upper level management position with a small medical aesthetic chain.  During his time with the company they grew rapidly nationwide to become one of the world’s largest aesthetic services providers globally.  He has personally helped grow this business from the early start, helping them get to gross annual revenue of almost $250 million.  Chuck was able to accomplish this by hiring the talent to expand not only across the nation but into other countries as well, and he put systems in place to help transform the business into an international success!

After years in the corporate environment, Chuck decided to start his own consulting company to help small- to medium-sized business owners transform their business.  He has now consulted with some huge industry leaders as well as single- and multi-location companies across the country.  Contact AVANTA to see how we can help your business!

“I got into consulting because I enjoy helping owner’s understand the ‘business of business’, not just their field or specialty.  This is the key to running a highly-effective and profitable operation.” – Chuck Donaldson III